Funding and supporters


Find out more about the different grant funders that support the delivery of our arts centre.

Sponsors and Supporters

Discover the ways we are supported by our community and how you can too.




Can you support with a donation?

Funding an arts venue is a balancing act across grant funding, generated income and community support including donations, sponsors and advertising. It is vital we keep maintain a good variety and do not become reliant on any one of these, but look to grow and strengthen them all equally. Like all arts venues, we are incredibly grateful for all the support we receive to enable us to deliver a quality arts experience for both our district and all visitors to the area.


Without grant funding it would be impossible to deliver the arts centre. We work hard to have a diverse funding portfolio, including both core and project based funding. Core funding is a more general type of funding that supports delivery of all activities across the arts centre, whilst project funding is restricted to the activities agreed in advance with the funder for a specific project. 

Core funding

We work closely with our core funder, Canterbury City Council, to ensure we are delivery a quality arts experience for the Canterbury district.   


Project funding

In the last year, project funding from Community Lottery Fund has enabled us to deliver our Young Digital Makers and Waste Line projects. Funding from Heritage Lottery Fund allowed us to create the WWI Think of Me project.

Coming up this year we have Whitstable Seaside Guide supported by The Cleary Foundation and Brett, 'They came from the Deep' funded by the Foyle Foundation and Young History Makers : Pudding Pans supported by Heritage Lottery Fund.

 Sponsors and Supporters

We are incredibly lucky to have a broad range of supporters across the range of activities we offer. 


The only way we can provide a printed brochure every quarter is thanks to the organisations that have chosen to place an advert in it. Please support our advertisers where you can and pick up a copy of our brochure at the centre or download one from here.

Donations and donors

We work really hard to earn our income and run projects that are grant funded, but to ensure we can continue to provide all of our activities at excellent value and as accessible to as many of our community as possible, we do rely on the generous donations we receive from all our visitors and supporting organisations.

Particular thanks to Spacemaker Architects who offer initial consultations in exchange for a £40 donation to one of their favourite local charities which we are lucky to be one of.

Website hosting

Our hosting company is committed to charities as they recognise that charities do tremendous work often on very small budgets. They offer 100% free web hosting to charities for life and on top of this it is 100% green sourced powered hosting. Find out more about Free Charity Hosting by Kualo if you are a charity.