7 minutes to An Ocean of Calm (an immersive experience)

Victoria Jane Leith
  • Opens: 19 December 2019
  • Closes: 8 January 2020
  • Where: Gallery 1

Thursday 19 to Saturday 21 December
Monday 6 to Wednesday 8 January 

What happens when you take 7 minutes out of your day to listen to a piece of music and immerse yourself in a simple blue ocean or sky-scape? 
What if we just…stopped for a few minutes each day? 
How does art and music contribute to a heightened sense of wellbeing and can it improve our mental health?

Composer and artist Victoria Jane Leith will explore these questions during her immersive music and art based experience, '7 Minutes to an Ocean of Calm.'

In the centre of Gallery 1, on the hour between 10am and 4pm, Victoria will play an original composition; a 7-minute piano piece, 'Boundless', whilst inviting you to sit in front of one of a series of her large blue sea and skyscapes. Allow yourself to drift away for 7 minutes in front of one of 19 paintings whilst a piano piece will be played either live or on a loop so you can totally relax (and repeat the experience if necessary as many times as you wish.) 

Victoria connects art and music whenever possible and this immersive experience will allow you to escape from the world, during the hectic run up to Christmas and also start the New Year in a completative and mindful way. 

Take this opportunity to improve your sense of wellbeing, to breathe, relax, meditate, ponder, reflect or simply to just be.

The event will culminate in an acoustic tranquillity concert on Tuesday 7th January at 6pm. 
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A calmer world awaits….


Victoria Jane performs her music worldwide and is based in Whitstable. You can listen to Boundless for free at victoriajaneleith.com 


Special thanks to East Kent Timber www.eastkenttimber.co.uk and Cowling and Wilcox www.cowlingandwilcox.com who have kindly sponsored this event 

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Victoria Jane Leith