Abstract Rhythm & Blue Notes

International Photographic Collective
  • Opens: 16 November 2022
  • Closes: 28 November 2022
  • Where: Gallery 1, Gallery 2

Participating Artists: Jan Beesley, Alison Buchanan, Malcolm Cross, Laura Goin, Linda Hacker, Dan Harnett, Freda Hocking, Annemarie Hoogwoud, Jocelyn Horsfall, Barb Kreutter, Iveta Lazdina, Deborah Loeb Bohren, Howard Rankin, Honey J Walker.

Guest Artists: Valda Bailey Doug Chinnery


Abstract Rhythm & Blue Notes is a celebration of photographic expressionism and represents the culmination of an intensive year-long plus exploration of the intersection of photography, art, abstraction and creativity by this group of international artists.

Abstract photography can trace its roots back to the early 20th Century and 100 hundred years later it continues to provide challenging and exciting opportunities for unique creative expression. In addition to abstract photographers and painters in whose footsteps theses artists tread, the group was inspired by the freewheeling world of jazz and blue notes, with its rich history of innovation, creativity, riffs and rule breaking. In music, blue notes are used for expressive purposes and sung or played at a slightly different pitch from the standard. Similarly, these photographers approach their work operating at a slightly different pitch from traditional photography. They employ their own combination of in-camera techniques, including multiple exposure and intentional camera movement (ICM), and post-processing methods, as a way of abstracting shapes and eliminating detail and challenging reality in their images. They work in a way that is simultaneously controllable and unpredictable, making it both demanding and rewarding. One of the major strengths of the exhibition is the unique personality, vision and style each artist brings to the images they present through these processes.

None of the artists anticipated that the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown would provide them such a rich creative opportunity to work with like-minded photographers from across Great Britain, the US, Canada and Europe in a virtual, extraordinary and immersive journey into abstraction. As passionate and enthusiastic photographic expressionists, the artists in this show are following a path that is less travelled in the photography world, each expressing their own version of blue notes through their art.

Exhibitor Information

International Photographic Collective
  • Private view: 16 November 2022