“Chromasea” Organic Expressions from the Shoreline

Dan Harnett
  • Opens: 22 November 2023
  • Closes: 27 November 2023
  • Where: Gallery 1

“Chromasea” Organic Expressions from the Shoreline Is a captivating exhibition from Photographer Daniel Harnett that seamlessly combines the world of chromatography art with the personal narratives and experiences of the artist’s maritime voyages.  The result is a visually stunning and emotionally resonant collection that invites viewers to explore the beauty of the coastline through both creativity and a mariner’s eyes.

The vibrant chromatographic patterns featured in this exhibition are a visual feast drawing inspiration from the rich and varied colours found along the coastline.  Documenting the hues of seashells, fragments of seaweed, weathered driftwood, and other treasures that are unveiled by the changing tides.  These patterns are not just aesthetically pleasing; they also serve as a canvas for the artist’s personal stories on the open ocean.

Through these narratives, viewers are given a unique opportunity to connect with the artist on a deeper level and gain insight into the emotions, challenges and discoveries that come with such maritime odysseys.

In essence, “Chromasea” is more than just an art exhibition; it’s an immersive experience that encourages viewers to appreciate the beauty of the coastline from both a creative and emotional perspective. Inviting them to become part of the ongoing dialogue between humanity and the natural world.

Exhibitor Information

Dan Harnett