Placement and Displacement

Beverley Bunn
  • Opens: 30 March 2022
  • Closes: 4 April 2022
  • Where: Gallery 2

Beverley uses various processes to explore the theme of displacement, incorporating science and engineering in the world of art. Manipulating the structures and colours of the glass by displacement, positioning and reactions induced by heat-work, she will be showing how versatile a material glass can be, for use in art. As an ex-engineer and life-long ‘creative’, Beverley is as interested in process, as she is innarative. Her inquisitive nature lends itself to exploring new techniques, and in this exhibition, we see both ends of the spectrum. Some artwork is created in one step, using just one glass medium and laid down as if painting with glass powder. Other artwork is meticulously planned out, constructed and manipulated through heat and gravity, in a way that provides optical trickery. Sometimes high gloss, sometimes matt, sometimes smooth, sometimes textured, the versatility of glass is a never-ending source of inspiration for art. Beverley believes that there are intrinsic links between science, engineering and art, and by exploring a dynamic material in both a scientific and artistic way, brings originality and new perspectives. Glass has, after all, been around for centuries in one form or another, but fused glass is a relative new-comer, having relied on breakthroughs in science to enable 2 different pieces of glass to be successfully fused together. This fascinates Beverley, and she looks forward to sharing this intriguing medium, in a way that addresses both art and science.

Exhibitor Information

Beverley Bunn