John Butterworth
  • Opens: 17 February 2022
  • Closes: 28 February 2022
  • Where: Gallery 1, Gallery 2

This retrospective exhibition is a presentation of diptychs which illustrate the duality of John Butterworth's work and create a dialogue between contrasting styles over the years. Co-curated by Angus Pryor


This duality can be expressed as:

  •        An exploration of the polychromatic used as a language of emotion.

      The use of figuration to describe a particular narrative.


Both styles are languages within painting which come together in this show and illustrate the range and coherence of John Butterworth's prolific body of work across the years.


At certain periods in his career, the artist has made work in one style only, whilst in other periods, the two styles have run in parallel.


The diptychs in this show demonstrate the almost symbiotic relationship between these two styles by co-locating the colour works as an underpinning reality with the figurative works as a more literal story-telling device.

Exhibitor Information

John Butterworth
  • Private view: 26 February 2022