Time and Erosion through Rose Tinted Glasses

Paula and Jim Olley
  • Opens: 8 November 2023
  • Closes: 20 November 2023
  • Where: Gallery 1

"Time and Erosion through Rose Tinted Glasses” is an aural and visual collaboration that represents a ten-year section of the artist's creative journey. 

Visually, Paula works primarily with oil on canvas and pastel on paper and her work represents key moments held in her memory and heart. Some are specific locations and others are her interpretation of experiences and feelings that have inspired through her rose tinted glasses. 

Aurally, Jim’s music tries to amplify the emotional depth of Paula’s work. 

It is inspired by (and sometimes inspires) her art. 

Together they have created an exhibition that they hope will evoke the sense time passing and the erosion of everything around us which continually creates something new and wondrous.

Exhibitor Information

Paula and Jim Olley