Nero - Trees of Life

Nero (Radovan Nehrer)
  • Opens: 5 June 2024
  • Closes: 17 June 2024
  • Where: Gallery 2

For Nero, each of his trees is filled with life. Nero sees each tree that he makes as a work of art that he hopes will have a positive impact upon the world. Everyone can find their own meaning in the art of his trees.

Nero's trees can be inspiring, grounding, and calming pieces that help us to reflect on the world and our place within it. Nerowireart creates trees that are unique artwork and thus contribute to Whitstable’s distinctive identity as an inspiring, participatory art destination.

Nero’s trees come in various shapes, styles and sizes. They contain hundreds or even thousands of meters of wire and take anywhere between a few days to several weeks to make. Most of the trees have the look of the traditional bonsai but there are also some oak style trees, willows or even a few forest pines in the collection. 

Nero (Radovan Nehrer) was born in Slovakia and now lives with his wife and two sons in Broadstairs, Kent. He has studied material design and his passion for testing the many aesthetic

functionalities that material can have has evolved into his bonsai wire tree making.

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Nero (Radovan Nehrer)