A Journey Through the Landscape

Clare Kent and Faye Haskins
  • Opens: 6 November 2019
  • Closes: 19 November 2019
  • Where: Gallery 1

Faye and Clare are inspired by the natural world. Their work often repeats the same subject over and over, almost obessively, as the scenes and objects change throughout the seasons or throughout the day, but also and more importantly, how we perceive the same subject differently as we as individuals evolve, grow and change. We update our visual perception as we learn and gather information. This informs us of something else, somethingnew, something other than what we previously knew. This affects the way we observe, perceive, seeing subject matter in a different light each time we look at it, seeing something new and following different  paths as we revisit our subject matter. Through their paintings and prints they hope they convey a sense of this process of evolution.

Our ancient land, our planet taht existed for billions of years is now in jeopardy, as humanity has not looked at, listened to and learnt from nature. Faye and Clare would like to show their love and passsion for the natural world. To celebrate what they think is beautiful and important. The environment is now reflecting back at us what humans have created or destroyed. When we do not care enough we end up ruining everything that is essential to our very existence on this planet. The world is in a litter crisis. Whilst we strive to show the beauty in nature we also would like to show the destruction humanity is causing. To let people know that they can lead by example.Everytime an individual does their best it encourages others to follow.

Faye is predominantly a printmaker but also paints. Faye would like to demonstrate how to print with recycled materials collected from the beach and local environment, such as polystyrene foam as used in pizza packaging. In her own work she uses natural resources such as seaweed and leaves, she harnesses the power of the sun to acheive photographic elements, to create complex layered imagery. Faye is moving towrads recycling the unnatural materials that have been discarded on the shoreline and in the sea and using these found objects to create her prints.

Clare lives in the Kent countryside and absorbs herself in nature all the time. Often she picks up litter that has been left. She wants to show what it is like to find rubbish in the land so she would like to set up a small installation showing how litter looks in our landscape. She has a children's book(that she wrote and illustrated), it is set in woodland and she would like the children that visit the gallery to name and draw the animals and plants they find, asking them to consider how the litter might effect these specific plants and animals.

Exhibitor Information

Clare Kent and Faye Haskins
  • Private view: 9 November 2019