Helen Easter - Beeken
  • Opens: 8 September 2021
  • Closes: 20 September 2021
  • Where: Gallery 1

Helen Easter-Beekens' paintings are seemly abstract, but all have a basis in views of landscapes set in a moment of time, pulled from the visual history of sightings, held in memories, some just for a moment, some lingering.


Helen draws heavily on the coast of Kent where she has always lived and has her Hythe studio.

Some of the works are on free hanging canvas and built up of layers of glazes, paint marks, acrylic and both English and Italian gold leaf.


“My cataracts have given me a new view of the world, and I plan to embrace it, it can be a foggy finger print sailing across the horizon or wonderfully a golden hue or gold floaters, I have always included gold-leaf in my work. It’s the sheer joy and uplifting effect of using the leaf, it is smooth to paint on and ready to be distressed and when in junction with shellac vanishes take on tones and depth unlike those of paint."

"Gold leaf seems to have a life of its own, alters hue as the light changes and has its own glow when the lights fail, loves candle light and is impossible to capture in a photograph. Unlike most artists, I want the viewer to come closer and take in the smallest mark and stain.”


Helen Easter-Beeken 

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Helen Easter - Beeken