Feel Good on the Inside and Glow on the outside course

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  • Class aimed at: Adults
  • Days : Friday
  • Price Information: £150 for 6 week course (early bird price: £120 until the end of April)
  • Booking: Essential

Course starts on 10 May 2024

Are you ready to embark on a journey to Re-Energise your mind and body? Join me in a 6-week course suitable for all ages and body types.

What to Expect:
Energy Medicine: Dive into self-awareness exercises to revitalise your energy.
Lymph Flow & Fascia Maneuvers: Learn techniques for a fluid and flexible body.
Meridian Tracing & Tapping: Unlock the power of meridians and tapping for holistic wellness.
NLP and Relaxation: Embrace the power of neuro-linguistic programming for a relaxed mind.

Release, Re-Energise, and Glow:
Say goodbye to the old and welcome in new energy for a balanced mind and body wellness. My aim is that, by the end of the 6 weeks, you'll not only know where your organs are and how to support them, you will have a personalised 5-10 minute daily routine to kickstart your day on a balanced note.

What's Included:
Closed Facebook Group Access: Join our community for additional resources, practice videos, and information about the techniques you learnt in class.

This course is designed for you to “Feel Good on the Inside and Glow on the Outside”. Book now for an early bird discount: £120 until the end of April, thereafter £150 for the 6 week course. Contact Denise Norton on 07903 056450 to book your space and make payment.


Tutor Information:

Denise Norton
Healing Health Journey
07903 056450