Studio Sessions 2024: Introduction to Portraiture Drawing with Camille Serisier

  • Class aimed at: Adults
  • Days : Friday

9.30am - 12noon
The course takes place on the following dates:
12 & 26 January, 9 & 23 February, 8 & 22 March, 26 April, 10 & 24 May, 7 & 21 June and 5 July

  • Price Information: £275
  • Booking: Essential
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This exciting course will introduce the genre of portraiture through drawing. It is designed to help you improve the observational and interpretive skills required to create compelling drawn portraits as well as work more confidently with figurative subjects.

Students new to this portraiture course will practice drawing human portraits via a series of scaffolded exercises. Meanwhile, returning students will be offered the opportunity to explore a series of extension activities. Across the course we will work from a range of secondary reference images, in addition to three sessions with a life model.

The classes will be rigorous, but the timetable relaxed, as the 12 classes will be held alternate weeks of the term. Please refer to the timetabled dates for further details. Each class will be held for 2.5 hours from 9:30am to 12 noon with a tea break at 10:30am. The learning environment is designed to be conversive and supportive, with lots of opportunities to share work and learn from each other.

The Tutor, Camille Serisier, is an international artist who specialises in visual storytelling. She is a current studentship holder and doctoral candidate at the University for the Creative Arts. Camille is also an experience educator having taught in primary, secondary, tertiary and further education across her career.

To view examples of Camille's work please visit:
or @camilleserisier on Instagram.

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