Studio Sessions 2024: The Art of Abstract Composition: Coastal Expression with Kim O'Neil

  • Class aimed at: Adults
  • Days : Sunday

The course takes place on 23 June 11 - 3pm.

  • Price Information: £60
  • Booking: Essential
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During this one day workshop you will be using the local coastline as inspiration by combining location based beach painting and composition theory to create for your own piece of abstract artwork.

Based  both in our studio and on the seafront (only a short walk away) Kim will help you explore the principles and techniques of creating abstract artwork, through a combination of theory and practical exercises, to deveop a solid understanding of abstract art and the ability to express ideas and emotions through non-representational forms. Part of the process is immersing your paintings in the sea so please be sure to wear clothes suitable for this activity. 

Course Objectives:

Develop an understanding of abstract art: Students will study the history and evolution of abstract art, examining the works of renowned abstract artists and analysing their techniques and concepts.

Explore elements and principles of design: Students will learn about the fundamental elements of art, such as line, shape, colour, texture, and form, and how they can be used to create visually compelling abstract compositions. They will also delve into the principles of design, including balance, rhythm, unity, contrast, and emphasis.

Throughout the course, students will build a selection of their own abstract compositions, demonstrating their mastery of techniques and concepts learned. They will refine their skills in creating visually engaging and conceptually rich abstract artworks.


Materials needed: Materials are included but you will be visiting the beach so please wear something suitable for the weather and advise us if you have an access needs. 

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