Studio Sessions 2024: Essential paint techniques in 10 weeks with Kim O'Neil

  • Class aimed at: Adults
  • Days : Thursday

10.30am - 12.30pm
This course takes place every Thursday from 25 April to 4 July 2024 (except 30 May).

  • Price Information: £250
  • Booking: Essential
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Embark on a dynamic exploration of acrylic painting techniques, enriched by the diverse range of mediums offered by Winsor & Newton and Liquitex! Led by renowned paint technologist and educator, Kim O'Neil, this ten-week course offers a comprehensive journey from foundational skills to advanced applications, with a special focus on harnessing the full potential of acrylic paint and mediums.

Week 1: Applying Paint at Tube Consistency and Creating Grounds.
Exploring paint application techniques using tube consistency.Increasing flow with flow improver.Creating a suitable ground for painting.

Week 2: Impasto Techniques with Modelling Paste.
Experimenting with impasto techniques using modelling paste.Creating texture and depth on canvas.

Week 3: Impasto Techniques with Gel Medium and Liquithick Medium.
Further exploring impasto techniques with gel medium and Liquithick.Creating bold, sculptural effects on canvas.

Week 4: Glazing with Fluid Mediums.
Understanding glazing techniques using fluid mediums.
Layering transparent washes to build depth and richness.

Week 5: Fluid Techniques with Airbrush Medium, pouring medium and Acrylic Inks.
Exploring fluidity in painting using airbrush medium and acrylic inks.
Experimenting with techniques such as pooling, pouring, dripping, and splattering.

Week 6: Blending Techniques and Scumble Glazing.
Mastering blending techniques with slow dri medium.Creating soft transitions and atmospheric effects with scumble glazing.

Week 7: Effects Gels and Making Custom Mediums.
Investigating effects gels such as glass beads, crackle paste, lava gel, and grain gel.Experimenting with creating custom effects mediums.

Week 8: Organic Mark Making Experimentation.
Exploring organic mark-making techniques using various tools and mediums.
Emphasising spontaneity and expression in mark-making.

Week 9-10: Final Paintings Combining Learned Techniques.Applying all techniques learned throughout the course in a final painting.Emphasizing creative synthesis and personal expression.


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