Arts Council England grant awarded

We wanted to share some fantastic news we have received this week. Thanks to public funding from the National Lottery, we have been  awarded £35,000 by Arts Council England (ACE) towards anticipated loss of income due to the impact of Covid-19. The award will cover around 80% of the anticipated financial impact on the centre IF we are able to open from July.

With all of the financial forecasting we are undertaking we remain cautious about when we will be able to reopen. We also have to anticipate that, even once we are able to open, activities in the centre such as exhibitions, events and classes will take months to recover. The award from ACE means this forecasting indicates a better future than we were facing a week ago.

We continue to work hard to seek further funding and provide a service to our community with a significantly reduced team as all but two of the team are now furloughed, supported by the board for both day-to-day and strategic work.


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