Meet the Maker : Shanaz Minhas

Shanaz is a local artist and has been running a small art prints, design and illustrations business called Rainbow Raindrops on Etsy since 2013. She started some new designs again last year and these are now available in the Horsebridge Shop. 

Shanaz also designs notebooks and journals, she finds plain sketchbooks and turns them into contemporary personal creative journals.

The theme of most of Shanaz's work is centred around the idea of minimalism making a statement through simplicity. Her work evokes the whimsical and playful relationship with our surroundings, a sense of infinite space and a focus on living in the present, personal growth and healing as a core value. All her images are inspired from the ordinary thing, living by the sea in Whitstable, its natural environment from landscape to seascape, the tiniest creature and leaf to the vast wonders of the space-scapes of a childs imagination. 

At the moment Shanaz is painting, and drawing in ink pens. All her work is printed in the highest quality sketch and watercolour paper and you can hardly tell the difference between the original. She reproduces all her work at home with a printer and doesn't use a manufacturer.

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