Whitstable Seaside Guide

Whitstable Seaside Guide

HORSEBRIDGEARTS commissioned Laura Watson (creator of the popular Whitstable Colouring Book) to illustrate and design a Whitstable Seaside Guide which will be available in late June.  The exhibition in May brought the guide to life, giving visitors a sneak peek of the illustrations in giant form, encouraging group colour on a huge scale and even mimicked the treasure hunt that is part of the guide with an exploring sandpit in the centre of the space.

Laura gave smaller visitors colouring tips and explained more about the interactive guide when she visited on Saturday. The guide is interactive, fun and informative and uses a 'treasure hunt' element to encourage readers to explore the shoreline to identify specific plants, shells and sea creatures.

And as an added bonus, there is a sample colouring page in our summer brochure too!

You can find out more about Laura's whitstable yoga and art therapy classes by visiting www.yogawellbeing.co.uk 

The guide and exhibition were made possible thanks to support from The Cleary Foundation and Brett.