Extraordinary Places : Antarctica



Throughout January and February 2023 we travelled to extraordinary places in Antartica.

With the help of our volunteer craft group, our Young Makers Club and ISP Fostering in Whitstable, we discovered the landscape and animals of the Antarctic and the challenges that they face due to climate change and the effects of this on their environment. 

Together, we researched, designed and created a large mural depicting the landscape of the Antarctic, featuring the animals and sea creatures that inhabit this unique environment now and in the past and the human impact on this fragile place. 

We shared with the community what we have learned and made displaying the communal mural throughout half term in our Studio. 

ISP Fostering in Whitable have been researching the prehistoric animals that would have roamed what was Antarctica as part of the project and have created a super slide show with some interesting facts and images on this era.

ISP Whitstable were back for a second visit and brought with them another great presentation, this time on humans in the Antarctic which was then used to inspire more work.

Volunteers Group

Take a look at some of the work our volunteers have been doing in their craft group.

Read more on what they created in their first session.

ISP Fostering Whitstable

Sneak peek at the great work from the young people and ISP Fostering.

Find out more about their first visit in our news section.

Read what they got up to in their second visit.

Young Makers Club

Our Young Makers Club are spending this term creating Antarctic themed art works.

See what they got up to in weeks 1 and 2.

The final mural created was on display in the Studio for the community to come and explore and even compare themselves to the size of our giant albatross! 

A real team effort thanks to funding from the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust and: help from the teaching team and students from ISP Fostercare Whitstable, the fabulous children from our Young Makers Club and our Wednesday craft volunteers. An incredible art piece created after researching and learning about the ecosystem of this region, past and present, and how people are working to protect this unique environment.

A huge well done to everyone who took part in our Extraordinary Places Antarctic project to help create this striking communal mural.