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Each season we will bring you a range of talks and events including our now regular art talks with Richard Dean alongside community led talks and events. These have included historical talks, bee talks and there are so interesting talks and event coming up. You'll find all the booking information in the detail pages for each event.

Upcoming talks

Art and Artists 2 (2024) with Richard Dean MA

Monday Multiple dates The sold-out second series of talks returns in 2024, ideal for those who missed out on tickets last year. Combining art history, biography and critical analysis you will learn about the lives and works of some important artists and topics. What did these artists do? Why did they do it? Why does it matter? These are the key questions to which we will be looking for answers and ideas.

Cowboy Sam and the Lost Artists of Paris

Saturday 27 January 2024 This talk, which began as research into a minor painter of the School of Paris - Sam Granowsky - turned into a darker story about the tragedy of a lost war, a society turned against itself and those betrayed by a country that once had welcomed them.

Upcoming events

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