Limelight: Rock's theatricals
​​​​​​​Bowie photo credit: Terry O'Neil

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  • Day : Thursday

monthly 6 - 7pm

  • Talk aimed at: Adults
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Art Decades series of talks look to unveil the hidden lives of rock artists outside the recording studio and finds out how they coped when they were really tested to the limit.

11 July 2024

Limelight: Rock's Theatricals

This Art Decades talk showcases the popular musicians who may have just been frustrated actors  - the leading men and women of rock showmanship who brought theatre to rock and vice versa.

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6 -7pm   11 July 2024

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8 August 2024

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From the Beats to Beowulf and from Orwell to Orlando, literature has been a primary source for a select few in music, this Art Decades exploring the hidden depths of some of the most celebrated names in popular music.

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6 -7pm   8 August 2024

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19 September 2024

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20th century culture is liberally spread with rock casualties like Hendrix, Morrison and Cobain, looking like they were on a one-way route to oblivion - but they can’t all have been feckless wasters. September’s Art Decades sifts through the wreckage to see who just might have been imbued with the spirit of Romanticism and Bohemianism a la Rimbaud, Wilde and Crowley.

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Hendrix photo credit: Colin N. Purvor

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