Smallfilms talks with Simon Postgate

  • Talk aimed at: Adults
  • Day : Wednesday

11am to 1pm
6 talks:
14 and 28 February, 13 and 27 March, 10 and 24 April.

  • Tickets: £10 each
  • Booking: Essential
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Join Simon Postgate as he talks about much-loved children's television shows such as Bagpuss, Noggin the Nog and The Clangers co-created by his dad Oliver Postgate along with Peter Firmin.

Simon was growing up at the time the programmes were made and so has a personal insight into the process and ideas that went into their creation. Join Simon as he shares this insight, along with images and film clips in a series of 6 talks based around individual Smallfilms productions.

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10 April

The Pingwings

The Pingwings was one of the first of the Smallfims productions, looking at how the programmes were made giving a real insight into the beginnings of stop-motion in Smallfilms. Simon does a live talk with images and clips about what was it was like growing up at the time of the making of the Pingwings.

24 April

Noggin the Nog

The Saga Noggin the Nog was one of the most distinct and atmospheric Smallfilms productions which had many children (including me) hiding behind the sofa peeping anxiously over the cushions, eager not to miss the drama as it unfolded. For those who were there and for some who weren't, let's have a look back at what went on. Talk includes images and film clips.

Previous talks

14 February


Simon Postgate gives a talk on the making of the children's television programme Baguss and his surrounding world, with lots of pictures and film clips. 

28 February

The Clangers

This is perhaps the most unusual of the Smallfilms productions. Simon grew up around the making of the Clangers in the seventies and tells the story of their creation in a live talk with anecdotal stories, pictures and film clips. So strap yourself in and let's go!

13 March

The Pogles

Follow the Hedgepig back to the world of The Pogles. Simon was growing up at the time the series was made and shares his memories in a live talk with pictures and film clips. So get your Togs on and let's go down to the woods!

27 March

Ivor the Engine

Simon was growing up at the time the first series of Ivor was made and was able to help with editing work on the later colour version. Here is a live talk by Simon on the subject of the much-loved little railway engine, with images, anecdotes and clips from the programme.

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