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Would you like to receive a postcard from someone else in our community who is isolating?


We would like to connect those in our community who are isolated at home with a simple postcard sharing project. All you will need to do is write a message to someone, like you, who is isolating and in return you will get a postcard with a message too. Who knows better what you’d like to talk about than you!

We will provide postcards and a team of volunteers who will safely deliver and collect the postcards as part of their daily exercise.


How will it work?

Once you have let us know you wish to take part, we will deliver you your first postcard to write. Every postcard you receive to write will just have the name of the person you are writing to and the day we will be back to pick it up.

After your first postcard, whenever we come to collect your written postcard we will leave you with two cards ... one written to you and a new one for you to write. We are hoping to share one postcard a week, but this will depend on the number of people taking part and volunteering.

When the postcards are being delivered/collected our volunteer will place cards to deliver in your letter box or on your doorstep, then knock and stand back at least 2 metres. You can then place the written card on your doorstep and our volunteer will collect it once you have shut your door. If you’d like to not open your door, please let us know where you’d like to leave the card for our volunteer to collect. 

How do you take part? Just fill in the form and we'll be in touch.

To take part all we need is your name and address, along with your permission to store your name and address for the purpose of the project. We take your safety and privacy seriously and will not share the data outside of the project.

We are only able to cover the Whitstable area at the moment. If you are not sure if you will be included in this, just submit your information and we'll let you know if we can reach you yet.



If you do not wish to answer your door, please let us know where we can safely collect your card from.