'Love & Dying'

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Documentary film makers David & Jill George release their film 'Love & Dying', which asks if there should be a change in the current law relating to assisted dying. 

* 300 dying people end their own lives in this country every year. 

* Every eight days a Briton travels to Dignitas in Switzerland for help to die. 

* 84% of the public support the choice of assisted dying for terminally ill adults. 

* Assisting someone to die is against the law in this country and could risk a 14 year prison sentence.

It is therefore vitally important that the debate around assisted dying continues. 

The film's makers said “We tell the moving stories of two families who have been directly affected by terminal illness and its consequences. We are convinced that a new law should allow those with a terminal illness prognosis of six months or less, that have mental capacity and are suffering  intolerably, be legally allowed to seek assistance to bring their own lives to an end. We hope that our film will assist the debate.” 

This film is independent and not commissioned.

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