Our galleries offer a diverse and dynamic exhibition programme throughout the year. They serve as a platform to showcase work from a wide range of artists as well as art, heritage and community projects curated by The Horsebridge.

The galleries are free to visit and are open to public every day apart from Tuesdays.

We are now accepting proposals for exhibitions in 2023. Please email the galleries team for an information pack.


Gallery Exhibitions

en Style

Whitstable Art Society The theme of this exhibition is one of interpretation and inspiration from many artistic sources. The subject matter is eclectic, having been chosen by our members, and will be rendered in many different mediums.

Hidden Depths

Jeanette Cook and Zel Hunt In works including abstracted images in paintings of local landscapes, biomorphic sculptures and organic images in fused glass, Jeanette Cook and Zel Hunt consider the natural world and the human condition.

In Pursuit of Play

Florence Hutchings, Danny Romeril, Mick Hutchings, Fergus Polglase ‘In Pursuit of Play’ brings together four artists whose practises are linked by not only their outlook on making work but fundamentally their dialogue with materials. Rooted in similar inspirations from painting groups such as Cobra and St Ives, all four artists have a similar yet very distinctive intuitive approach.

On a Wave

Dan Harnett Inspired by my long and close association with the sea. My forthcoming exhibition “On a Wave”, draws from experiences and memories from my time in the merchant navy and childhood memories growing up on the Kent coast.

Heart of the Stitch

East Kent Embroiderers A celebration of all things textile, including machine and hand embroidery, felting and quilting. Exploring acceptance of embroidery as an art form.

Spirit of Summer

Liz Shedden A collection of paintings, clothes and homeware from Liz Shedden studio inspired by nature and biophilic design.

This Is What The Menopause Looks Like

Osborne & What C.I.C Catrin travelled the UK meeting menopausal women and recording their positive and negative experiences of the menopause. She wanted to celebrate women going through post and peri menopause and give them a voice.