Our galleries offer a diverse and dynamic exhibition programme throughout the year. They serve as a platform to showcase work from a wide range of artists as well as art, heritage and community projects curated by The Horsebridge.

The galleries are free to visit and are open to public every day apart from the first and last day of the exhibition dates which are dedicated installation and de-installation days.

We are now accepting proposals for exhibitions in 2022. Please email the galleries team for an information pack.


Gallery Exhibitions

Lino Print 2

Lino Print 2 Lino Print is a showcase for over 20 outstanding print makers in this exhibition of contemporary relief prints. The Exhibition will be open from 1pm on Saturday 22nd January.


John Butterworth This retrospective exhibition is a presentation of diptychs which illustrate the duality of John Butterworth's work and create a dialogue between contrasting styles over the years. Co-curated by Angus Pryor

From the Isle

The New Kent Art Collective 'From the Isle' brings a collective of 9 artists from the Isle of Thanet to Whitstable with an exciting array of artworks.

Visual Arts From the Whitstable School Sixth Form

The Whitstable School: Visual Arts - Sixth Form Students An exciting collaboration between the Visual Arts Sixth Form students from the Whitstable school and The Horsebridge has culminated in this new exhibition.

Waiting, Walking, Dancing, Fighting

Sasha Leech People in public spaces - a painter’s response. People alone, in groups or crowds; in the street, travelling, working, shopping. People rushing by, in a moment of reflection, dancing in the arms of a partner


V111 We are a diverse group of local artists, established and emerging; as a group we explore socially relevant themes through a number of different media

Placement and Displacement

Beverley Bunn This is an exhibition where creativity collides with process, to show the versatility of kiln-formed glass, as an artistic medium. Bring your sunglasses!