Tim Cousins invites ...
  • Opens: 30 August 2019
  • Closes: 10 September 2019
  • Where: Gallery 1, Gallery 2

Artists: John Butterworth, Germaine Dolan, Tim Cousins, Belinda Ellis, Fiona McIntyre, Fritz Duffy, Javier Molina, Iain Herdman, Kaori Hommi, Maggie Learmonth, Richard Lawrence, Tim Craven and Sasha Leech.

Invited by Tim Cousins, these artists spent time over the past 2½ years in Dungeness. Their responses to this extraordinary place are the subject of this diverse exhibition.

Dungeness is a place like no other: scudding clouds, piercing icy winds, a shanty town of scattered black shacks. Beyond looms the grim façade of the power station flanked by elegant lighthouses and the dinky miniature railway. These 13 artists spent many days working outdoors and later in the studio. The show includes painting, drawing, prints, photography and sculpture and is curated by Germaine Dolan and John Butterworth.

(image by John Butterworth, pen and ink, 60 x 40cms)

Exhibitor Information

Tim Cousins invites ...

  • Private view: 31 May 2019