For the Love of Nature

Corinne Thompson
  • Opens: 13 March 2024
  • Closes: 25 March 2024
  • Where: Gallery 2

Corinne Thompson, from her earliest memories has always indulged in crafting and nature. These two constants have remained throughout her life, not only as a sanctuary but also as a means to express herself and the beauty and peace she finds there.

The beauty of nature, as she sees it, is conveyed through the use of colour, character and form. Painting mainly in acrylic onto canvas, with flora and fauna being the subject, while colour is used to compliment the subject and harmoniously set the tone. 

While her sculptures take on more of a playful theme, bringing to life whimsical human and animal forms. Uniquely sculptured from mixed media materials of clay, wire and resin, which has enabled Corinne to work in detail and replicate the colours and textures that nature has inspired. 

The natural world and all the positives it brings has always been the main inspiration for Corinne’s work to date. It is ‘For the Love of Nature’ that she brings to you her work for this solo exhibition.

Exhibitor Information

Corinne Thompson