Paul Fowler, Paul Gadenne, Anthony Giles, Shane McCoubrey

  • OPENS: 6 October 2021
  • CLOSES: 19 October 2021
  • WHERE: Gallery 1

Fowler, Gadenne, Giles and McCoubrey present a thought-provoking, high-quality art exhibition, all four artists bring different aspects of representational painting using different painted mediums while exploring their personal views of their surroundings.

Paul Fowler paints rural Kent mainly marshland and reed beds.

Paul Gadenne paints urban landscapes from Kent and London.

Anthony Giles paints seascapes from around the Kent coast.

Shane McCoubrey paints layered landscapes and abstracts.


We are not holding a Private View, however we are holding a “meet the artists day” on Sat 9th October. This simply allows interested followers of our work to see us in action on an occasion when all four of us are present.