Seen/ Unseen

Skevy Stylia
  • Opens: 19 June 2024
  • Closes: 1 July 2024
  • Where: Gallery 2

Seen/ Unseen, explores beautiful and timeless flowers in ice, which reveals, obscures, intensifies and changes the details easily missed in everyday life.

Skevy’s work is driven by her endless fascination and deep connection to nature and by playing with what can be seen and what cannot, the colour, fine details and shapes become unfamiliar and yet somehow more familiar. This is slow photography; from picking the flowers, (usually from her city garden,) freezing and thawing, it takes time for the image you see to emerge. When it does the ice has often damaged the flower in the places where it has thawed, whilst in others it keeps the flower safely locked within and hidden. Here is an echo of our own personal walls which like the ice keep us safe but inaccessible and when dropped, available to be seen and to connection but also beautifully vulnerable.

Exhibitor Information

Skevy Stylia