Shoreline 2

Ann Palmer
  • Opens: 11 August 2021
  • Closes: 23 August 2021
  • Where: Gallery 2

Ann Palmer paints seascapes in oil on hand-built canvas; her paintings are loose, bright and impressionistic. 

Ann works in OILS principally land, sky and seascapes, often working directly out of doors in front of the scene, taking reference photos and making sketches in preparation for her paintings. 

Ann has been painting in Whitstable for some years, standing on the pebbly beach watching the tide ebb and flow, the morning mist across the Swale, the light on the horizon, the clouds coming in from the west over London, and the light out to sea to the north and east. 

The low tide exposes sandbanks, pebbles, seafood for the gulls to seek.


Ann’s paintings are now often developed in the studio from her experiences en plein air, sketches and photographs, gaining inspiration from her experience on the coast. 

Building her own canvases using stretcher bars and 12oz cotton duck, Ann primes with 2-3 coats of acrylic primer and/or gesso. She usually coats the prepared canvas with turpsy red oil paint, often Indian red, sometimes Burnt Siena. 

When this is dry she lays out the scene with a thin coat of oil paints then building on this, firstly using a brush, then thick oil paint applied with a palette knife. The extent to which the painting is built with more impasto depends on the scene and mood. 


Ann’s style is impressionistic, representative tending towards some abstraction and expressionism. 


In this exhibition, (which follows an exhibition in Rochester in November 2019 called Shoreline, and another this year in May called Light at the End of the Day), Ann will be exhibiting large and small oil paintings depicting Shoreline scenes inspired by beaches on the Kent coast and the coastline in Cornwall, at various times of day and year, state of the tide and weathers inspired by Ann’s experience painting on the beach. In addition to oil paintings there will be prints and cards made from Ann’s work for sale.

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Ann Palmer