Katherine Turner
  • Opens: 8 May 2024
  • Closes: 20 May 2024
  • Where: Gallery 2

Katherine has a fondness for Tankerton and Whitstable beach, and so many of her paintings are inspired here. She particularly loves how the light from sunsets and sunrises can affect the mood of the water. She also enjoys how the use of perspective can draw a person into her paintings.

Water My Soul is inspired by seas and lakes from around the world. With her bold, textured and abstract oil paintings, Katherine has tried to capture the different moods and emotions that water can portray. She hopes that through her artwork, people can connect to themselves.


About the artist:
Katherine Turner is a contemporary oil painter, specialising in seascape and water scenes. She loves to use bold and bright colours in her work, and likes her paintings to have movement and expression. She uses a palette knife to create texture to help bring her art to life. 

Katherine lives in Canterbury and her favourite place to be is the beach, so most of her paintings are inspired by Kent seas and other beaches she’s visited around the world. She likes to connect to her paintings by listening to recorded sounds of water and waves. She has also been known to paint, with her feet in cold water, to help inspire her strokes. 

After studying Art Therapy, she has a deeper appreciation for the relationship between art and emotions and hopes people will feel connected with her paintings.

Exhibitor Information

Katherine Turner