Curated by Jane Cordery
  • Opens: 22 September 2021
  • Closes: 4 October 2021
  • Where: Gallery 2

This fundraising, collaborative/engagement art exhibition comprises multiple wall-hung sculptural ‘photo frames’. 

Each frame has been individually sculpted from plaster, cast in salt or sand (or where safety was an issue from air dried clay); all are offered for sale with over 70% of proceeds going to NHS Charities Together. 

The exhibition was inspired by artist Jane Cordery, the Curator of the exhibition, following her own personal loss.  This gave her insight into the inhibited lack of closure, brought on by the restrictions to traditional farewell and funeral practices, which many have experienced during the pandemic. 

The exhibition is the result of engagement by multiple artists, creatives, students and children from age seven upwards. Many participants have suffered a loss of some kind and are themselves struggling with bereavement. This exhibition presents a personal triumph over adversity by all those engaging with enthusiasm and generosity of spirit at such a difficult time. 

The remit for the individual artist, creative, student or child was to use their imagination/creative process and/or sense of memory to design a wall hung sculpture, in the form of a photo frame, of any shape. Each stand- alone sculptural frame was to incorporate a minimum of one void.  

While many have made frames to remember a lost friend, colleague or relative others have simply  made a frame to help fundraise for NHS Charities Together, with many artists/creatives donating 100% of proceeds to NHS Charities Together.   

The aim of the exhibition was for it to be cathartic, creative and fun, an outlet during a period of social endurance. 

The Curator selected the Horsebridge to exhibit as the Whitstable Community has always been supportive towards artistic endeavours and is noted for its support towards charitable causes.  

Please do come and take a look! 

Exhibitor Information

Curated by Jane Cordery