Estuary 2021

22 May – 13 June 2021
In participation with the Estuary 2021 Associated Programme;

In The Process of Knitting A Netting (2021)


The Horsebridge Arts Centre has been working in partnership with artist NaoKo TakaHashi to bring a participatory project as part of the Estuary Associated programme to Whitstable and Margate, supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Naoko is now searching for people to take part in a series of site specific spoken word pieces beginning in May this year. You can find more information about Naoko's practice, project and how you can get involved here:

About the artist:
NaoKo TakaHashi is an artist who uses words to create images through spoken voices activated by participants. She draws textual scores to be performed by participants and she has worked with different people on various projects in the past. She is interested in the relationship between the artist, participants and artwork in the making and the possibilities of unexpected outcomes generated through an open-ended process and sites.

About the project:
A spoken word piece for four voices will be activated live by local participants around the beach in Whitstable and Margate at around sunset. The sky, water and the horizon in the background, multiple voices overlap, repeat, and echo stories, weaved in the textual score, exploring the landscape (social, natural and ecological) of North Kent through language.

The performance will start around 10 min before the sunset and finish as the sun sits on the horizon, as a punctuation mark for a new chapter.

The last two events will be filmed and live-streamed on YouTube channel.

For sample of the artworks, please check the artist’s website.

About participating:

  • Age: anyone over the age of 12 (with adult for participants under 19)
  • Access: wheelchair accessible.
  • Performance: No singing, reading.
  • Pressure-free performance: the project is open-ended and the artist embraces accidents.
  • The score: each group will have the same text.
  • Rehearsals/Run-though: one before the live act is required. The artist will arrange (1) 30 min zoom run through before the day of events (2) face to face run through from late afternoon on the day of the event OR (3) Zoom chat with the participants from each group and they will independently do a run through.
  • Performance time: as the time of sunset shifts slightly each day and the performance starts 10 min before sunset, the participants will be asked to turn up 15-20 min before the performance starts. It will require around 45 minutes of participation in total excluding the travel.
  • Performances before 21 June: minimum 4 groups (depending on local rules) of four people will be performing to the audience of one household or two people, each group social distancing from one another.
  • Performance after 21 June: hopefully no restrictions, so less social distancing required. If restrictions still apply, it will be done in the same way as before 21 June.
  • 22nd and 24th June: the event will be filmed. It will be backlit, so faces will be less visible but if any participants wish not to be filmed, the camera will be placed far away from them.
  • Expenses: £8 will be paid to each participant at/after each event, in cash or bank transfer whichever is suited for the participants.
  • Printing: the artist will bring the printed score to each event, but anyone who has no access to the printer and needs to print out beforehand can ask for the cost of printing.
  • Friends and family: they will be put in a group of four for a Covid safety measures, so please let the artist know when asked about the availability.
  • Covid safety: there will be hand sanitizer on site and clear visors available to those who wish to use them.
  • Request to the participants: the artist would like to ask the participants 3 questions before and after, and a diversity form to be filled, so she would appreciate it if everyone could kindly do so.

Location and date with performance time:

Location: Garden at Nayland Rock Hotel, 1-5 Royal Cres, Westbrook, Margate CT9 5AJ
Dates: Tuesdays
25 May 2021 8:45pm
01 June 2021 8:55pm
08 June 2021 9:00pm
22 June 2021 9:05pm

Location: Beach front outside Whitstable Yacht Club, 3-4 Sea Wall, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1BX
Dates: Thursdays
27 May 2021 8:50pm
03 June 2021 8:55pm
10 June 2021 9:00pm
24 June 2021 9:05pm

* The event on 22 and 24 June is after the Estuary 2021’s official festival period but is still recognised as part of the festival.

To participate, please email with the subject “In The Process of Knitting” stating from which organisation you heard about the project or text to 07863 102091 if the internet access is limited.