Build a Rainbow


creative community project

Since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak, images of rainbows started to appear across the country in windows, front gardens and pavements to convey messages of hope and allow people to express their gratitude to those helping us through the pandemic.
At the Horsebridge Arts Centre we want to continue to connect people in this positive way, so to mark the start of 2021, we will be filling our gallery in May with a series of colourful rainbows, in a celebration of hope for the future and to help remind us all there is light to follow after dark times.

We would like YOU to be part of this uplifting and cheerful community project, by creating a rainbow in any material you like; knitted or hand drawn, printed or papier-mâché, the choice is yours as long as the rainbow is no bigger than a piece of A4 paper.

We are also encouraging participants to add a personal dedication to your rainbow. It could be for someone isolating or that you have missed during the last and current lockdown, a special key worker or perhaps you would like to take this opportunity to remember someone who has sadly lost their life as a result of Coronavirus.

If you would rather follow a design or pattern, we can provide FREE rainbow kits for all levels of crafting abilities. These will be complete with instructions and materials and we will also provide guided tutorials here, on our website and our YouTube channel, along with telephone advice/support from Horsebridge staff.


This is your opportunity to spread some colour, hope and joy at this difficult time so we want this project to be as enjoyable as possible and is open to individuals, families, community groups and organisations.

Build a Rainbow has been specially designed to ensure anyone isolating or unable to leave home is still able to take part. We can deliver and collect completed kits throughout the Canterbury district in a COVID safe way.

We will need to take your name and contact email to make sure we can contact everyone involved with all the important information about taking part. Once the project is completed we will destroy this data. Thank you.

Register your interest

Please register your interest to take part and let us know if you will be making your own rainbow or would like a free kit.


Useful information

  • All rainbows need to be completed by 17 April 2021.
  • On one side of the rainbow please make sure you have included the name of the maker and a personal dedication if you wish.
  • If you are making your own rainbow, please ensure there is way to hang the rainbow from the ceiling (i.e. a hole or a loop that can take the weight of the rainbow).
  • Please ensure your rainbow in no larger than 210 x 297 mm (an A4 piece of paper).
  • Each rainbow will be suspended by lightweight line so please make sure the materials you use are not too heavy and all parts are secured carefully.
  • The rainbows will feature in an exhibition in Gallery 1 in May 2021.

Due to the current closure of the building, completed rainbows can either be collected by members of the Horsebridge team in a COVID safe way or dropped off at the centre during a series of special collection times to be announced shortly. Email Hannah for more information. 



Felt kit

Pom pom kit

Card kit