Young Makers Club



On Thursdays during term-time

Come and take part in The Horsebridge weekly after school club, where you will be crafting and making a variety of creative small projects.  A space where young makers can explore a variety of art and craft activities that change each week. Look out for seasonal specials for half-terms and holidays.

We have recently been granted funding from Reconnect Kent to develop this club further so that we can include more young people, specifically young people with additional needs that may not usually be able to attend a club like this.   

We are now able to provide more specialist staff who have experience of supporting young people with additional needs. We will also now provide an additional quiet room next to our main art room 'The Studio'. This will allow space for young people that need a quieter environment to create in or that need to take regular quiet breaks.

For ages 6+

21 April

Jelly Fish Mobiles

4pm to 5pm

Learn how to craft your own jiggly jellyfish mobile.

28 April

Special Jubilee Workshop

Sculpted paper flowers

4pm to 5pm

We will be making sculpted paper flowers to make centre pieces for our Jubilee tea party.

5 May

Special Jubilee Workshop: 

Pop Art Portrait Swap

4pm to 5pm

We will use Andy Warhol's Queen Elizabeth's portraits as inspiration to draw portraits of each other. 

12 May

Special Jubilee Workshop:

Royal Scepters and crowns

4pm to 5pm

Make your own Royal Scepter and crown fit for a King or Queen.

19 May

Special Jubilee Workshop:


4pm to 5pm

Work with air dry clay to design and create your own Jubilee coins.

26 May

Special Jubilee Workshop:


4pm to 5pm

Paint your own commemorative Jubilee plate.

9 June

Design your own fashion brand

4pm to 5pm 

If you had your own fashion brand, what would it look like? We will be crafting clothes and accessories out of paper and cardboard.

16 June

Make a theatre and puppets

4pm to 5pm

In this session we will look at the history of paper theatres and have a go at making our own.

23 June

Piet Mondrian style art 

4pm to 5pm

Find out about the artist Piet Mondrian and make your own Mondrian style art.

30 June

Invent a robot

4pm to 5pm

Use boxes and paper to design your own robot character.

7 July

Design a Trainer Bag

4pm to 5pm

Work with fabric pens and paints to design a fabric trainer bag.

14 July

Medieval style illustrated Letter Crest

4pm to 5pm

Look at the history of medieval illustrated letters and make our own with our initials.

21 July

Summer Wind Chimes

4pm to 5pm

Craft your own wind chimes form recycled materials. Bring along anything you would like to add to your windchime that might make a noise when they clash together such as shells with holes in them, bottle tops and beads.