Our Thursday Matinee film screenings are as much a social occasion for many as they are a chance to watch the film. Every matinee screening includes free tea or coffee and biscuits (Excluding Sundays)

We are now expanding the times of our film programme to include special Friday evening screenings.

We are also running Sunday afternoon matinees, with a focus on historical and contemporary creative figures. 

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Have you seen our art talks?

If creating an instant classic in 3 minutes or under is a challenge, what about a striking and truly memorable video to go with it? Musicians of all stripes have occasionally struck gold, often mining from the very best that cinema has to offer. Screen Icons celebrates this still young art form.
Paul's first talk is on International Men’s Day and begins an ongoing discovery over future talks of what it is to be a man...
If you find Christmas a gruelling holiday that one has to endure then this talk may provide the antidote to all the horrid festivities.
The combination of music with film occasionally reaches Olympian heights, while rock music and rock stars onscreen has swung from the sublime to the ridiculous - with Bowie calling Just A Gigolo 'all my Elvis movies rolled into one'. The Music Lovers lovingly presents rightly-celebrated highlights-and some real howlers.

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