Art Auction 2023

  • OPENS: 16 March 2023
  • CLOSES: 26 March 2023
  • WHERE: Gallery 1, Gallery 2

Fundraising Art Auction

Our amazing Art Auction returns for 2023. The auction will take place online and in the gallery and we hope will help us raise vital funds to help secure the future of the arts centre. The auction is only possible because incredible and generous artists donate their artwork for us to auction. We hope not only do we raise these important funds but to introduce you to new artists and artwork and you'll keep supporting the artists once the auction is over.

Please help us share the auction far and wide, and if you are able, we look forward to your bid. Thank you.

If you haven't found anything you would like to bid on this time how about supporting us by becoming a Friend of the Horsebridge or making a donation towards our work to ensure that we can continue to provide inclusive and affordable creative activities in our community.

Why are we fundraising?

Like so many we have seen our utility bills exceed even the worst case we budgeted for (our gas has increased by over 250%) and this leaves us with an urgent need to raise more funds if we are going to continue to provide such an important arts space in Kent and all the services this entails. We pride ourselves as a space where critical barriers to accessing the arts are tackled with programmes that provide accessible low cost or free activities for all regardless of age, background or ability. The team work incredibly hard all year to secure funding for these vital projects, unfortunately project funding rarely covers what we call 'core' costs (everything we pay to open the doors each day) and this is where we are now reliant on our community near and far to support us. We are incredibly grateful to those who support us all year by being a Friend of The Horsebridge or donating, but we need to raise significant funds to secure our future.

The Artworks

On our socials (@thehorsebridge on Insta, FB and Twitter) you can see videos tours of the exhibition to see the artworks in place and get a real feel for the scale and detail.

Bidding has now closed, congratualations to the winners and thank you to everyne who took part.

Use the search to filter the artworks you are seeing. You can use artist name, title or other keywords.