Clubs and Groups

There are many activities regularly taking place in the centre. Unless indicated these are not run by the Horsebridge, but tutors who hire our spaces,  so please use the contact information to contact them directly for any queries or to book. 

Scroll through the events calendar to see when the clubs and groups are running.

Art Talks Club

Not specified Join Hephzibah for monthly round table discussions, to exchange thoughts on any area of artistic practice of personal interest.

Bead 'n' Banter Beading Club

Wednesday Bring along your beadwork and enjoy chatting and making new friends and exchange ideas and tips on this absorbing hobby.

Comic Book Club

Thursday A great monthly club for lovers of comics and graphic novels-a heady mix of professionals and fans of the art form.

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Have you seen our art talks?

Though 'destroy' was one of the clarion calls of punk in its heyday, it seemed to spark a lot of creativity in artists, exemplified by the likes of Jamie Reid and Alan Vega. One of the most evocative and eye-catching styles of its kind, instantly summoning up the sinews of the subculture, there is a wealth of images - and music - to explore.
If Jazz is America's Classical Music, then the lustrous shades of Nlue Note's cover design are surely the classical forebears of the best in album cover art. These pioneers in design and typography deserve to be celebrated more than they are, and their wide influence-right up to the present day- clearly illustrated.
For reasons lost to history, rock concert posters resembled handbills for boxing bouts and most album covers featured anodyne PR shots of musicians well into the sixties. Something happened around 66/67, with artists responding to music in spectacular fashion and more than making up for peculiarly drab attitudes in the industry within the first decade or so of rock and roll. Perhaps they were under the influence of something

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