Creative Challenge : Four

This Creative Challenge is a bit different. Each week of lockdown is another journey on this rollercoaster and with so many taking to social media it is easy to feel that you aren't doing as much as everyone else. Speaking from personal experience, having children back at school brings back challenges of balancing the varied schoolwork of three with work, wthout even considering the juggling of the emotional toll this is taking. The great thing is being part of a team and knowing we are not alone in this juggle and we thought we should take a breath and share what we have been proud of. So that is the challenge for this week.


Proud to be taking each day as it comes, proud to have written a new song, proud to have started a new hobby, proud to have finally understood the english question your 11 year old has been set. Focusing on what we can do and not what we can't.

Whatever it is you are proud of, please share it.


Photograph is from Unsplash. This photo is by Sharon McCutcheon.