Creative Challenge Two

This challenge we'd love you to share a creation on the theme of "Accidental Arrangement" with us.

We don't know about you, but so much time inside has made us look differently at the things that surround us. Before the Stay Home time constraints that meant over time things just got left, stacked up or became ignored. Maybe that clutter pile on the kitchen worktop, a new massing of junk modelling or things that line your shelves. Perhaps it will be outside, things propped up waiting to be binned. 

Looking at these things all the time means we are beginning to tidy these things, but before you do perhaps it is time to capture it. Again, we don't care how you create, we'd just love to see what captures your imagination. As you saw from the last challenge, photos, pen drawings, collage. Go for it! 

Just add a message below or go join in on our facebook page. Images attached below must be under 5Mb please.