Virtual Young Makers Club : Foil Printed Bookmarks

It is Thursday! That means it is time for our next episode of Virtual Young Makers Club, bringing you a range of creative activities you can do from home from our brilliant Nicola Priest.

Today is foil printing bookmarks ... great introduction to the wonderful world of printing using materials many of us will have in our homes. You'll need:
kitchen foil,
card strips,
and then optionally hole punch, yarn/ribbon and scissors
and you are ready to go.


Now is a great time to scrapbook or journal no matter what your age ... so next week Nicola will be showing you how to create your own! For this you'll need a sheet of card, paper, cutting mat or thick cardboard (just so you don't mark the table top), needle and thread, scissors, ruler, pencil and things to decorate it with - pens, pencils etc.



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