Virtual Young Makers: Kindness

It's a special Virtual Young Maker this week, where Nicola is teaming up with People United as part of their #KindCanterbury initiative and My Happy Memory Project.

Today you'll need some scrap paper, coloured paper or card, scissors, pencil and maybe some pens and stickers.

Kind Canterbury is all about celebrating the individuals, communities and institutions that are showing great kindness and acting with true altruism during this challenging time. It will also consider the way things have changed and how all of us, from individuals to institutions, can keep the momentum of kindness, empathy and community spirit going beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

You are invited to share acts of kindness you’ve experienced or enacted, or to tell the story of a place where you feel you are treated kindly, take part by 26th April 2020.


Next week will be a drawing challenge. You'll simply need some paper (or the sketch book you made before), drawing materials and a scarf!